Will Coats Illustration / Art

I care about image. I love them, pictures I mean, they are happy, sad, frenetically crazy, or coolly controlled. The field of art/illustration is so wide and various worlds within worlds, so many brilliant artists alive and working now. It would be easy enough to set and appreciate what everyone is creating, but then, like a catchy tune and my feet start tapping and I have to join in the dance. It’s all so lovely and inviting you know. But knowing where to make one’s mark that’s the question. Like a wheel of fortune, you lay your money down and take a chance, because of the limits of time, energy, and all the other stuff in life. You want to be strategic, look ahead and position oneself for the future. Then “the heart has reasons that reason knows nothing of”. So dance and let the rhythm move you where it will. And maybe Joseph Campbell was right when he said “Follow your bliss”.